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METCOM is an electrical, telecommunication & IT based Firm, Specializing in equipment supply, services (installations), support and consultancy. Also Constructions/erection of Towers, upto total turn key communication Projects etc. To crown it all Wire & Wireless Solutions is a contractor, field services & consulting firm.
At , we believe that excellent customer relationships enable us to deliver outstanding results. From hands-on experience we got that close collaboration, shared expertise and open communication are essential in achieving success that rewards constant refinement and innovation.

METCOM serves its clients with a diverse category of technical professionals with outstanding experience in service management, service operations, and service sales. We have held extensive level positions with large and small companies, they bring with them a wealth of service, knowledge and the unique vision that is necessary to develop a world-class technological support organization.
More than ever before, the shifting economic values are forcing companies to rethink, redesign, and implement new service strategies that add value to their product and service portfolios.

As an organization, we deal with daily changing environments and competitive pressures. In order to come out the best, we have to make sure as technology experts, we are giving the best to our clientele and everything associated with our business.

METCOM conducts a comprehensive, upfront assessment, concentrates on what is needed for both immediate and long-term success, then recommends implements and executes a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs. Our “field first” philosophy guarantees that all needs from the field, for every project, large or small, are met before any other company needs.
The company’s operating philosophies are essential to our continual growth and success.

They include:

  • Building on long-term client relationships.
  • Maintaining the highest safety standards.
  • Demanding a commitment to quality from METCOM employees, vendors, subcontractors and consultants.
  • Incorporating the newest and most effective technology into the organization’s office and project management systems.

Ensuring a commitment to sustainable construction practices

With our concentration of resources on selective projects, our continual focus on value and quality, our sincere respect, concern and appreciation for the needs of our clients and other members of the team, and our determination for all encompassing professionalism, we will.

Quality control

A high quality service is maintained by ensuring that work is carried out by qualified competent personnel to the required International Standards and Health and Safety Recommendation and by regular quality control visits during work on site and after completion of jobs.

Health and safety at work

We have the same positive attitude towards Health and Safety as we do towards Quality Control. We believe safe and tidy-working conditions will help us to
produce quality workmanship and minimize complaints, hence our commitment the Company’s Health and Safety programme.
Every engineer carries a Health and Safety manual detailing the Company’s breakdown procedures and safe working procedures covering all risks
the engineers are likely to encounter. The manual includes; risk assessment guides and individual Company’s specific requirements.
The manual is updated as soon as new information becomes available.


Creating value for customers in electrical, telecommunication &information technology
The achievement of a world technological class is only feasible if we all make creating value for the customer, our unwavering conviction and have the ability to carry it out.
Today, customers’ expectations are getting harder to meet each day because they are demanding more convenience and value. At wire & wireless, we believe that only by going a step further than the rest can customers be satisfied. So to truly create value for customers we elevate our abilities to the world’s highest level, uniting with all our employees in firm determination to satisfy customers, and making every effort a turning point in the realization of our prime goal.
Technology has a profound impact on the way people work. The best technology makes possible the best business performance. The key to success is having an expansive view of how technology is used and a determination to achieve and sustain technological customer satisfaction, and a total quality culture.

Our statement of values


Preventive and corrective. We offer resident engineer solutions, emergency call out solutions, 24hr back up solutions, last minute solutions. With broad experience in servicing systems, networks, storage, and peripherals, we offer unmatched hardware service portfolio, including total lifecycle support, preventive and diagnostic services.

We always start with surveying your place, understanding your requirement, internal planning, getting back to you with a solution drawing, get your approval, implement and hand over. We have highly qualified teams for this and major alliances in order to offer you exactly what you need, from the designing, cabling, trunking, up to wiring & configuration. The networks offered include the following;

  • Local area network(LAN)
  • Wide area network(WAN)
  • Metropolitan area network(MAN)
  • Virtual private network(VPN)
  • Wireless network

Data recovery;
METCOM has developed its ability in data recovery . We can recover lost data from a hard disk which is Data affected by virus, corrupted partition, or formatted by mistake, we ensure 100% data recovery from hard disk which is not physically damaged.

In case where your backup in your office is not reliable, we offer our clients off site data back up services which are updated weekly, or bi-weekly depending on your preference. Information would be stored at our server room. We also setup & configure firewalls.

Website design;
Website is more about; innovative technology, effective applications, friendly interface, intelligent linking, and as technology gets smarter, the future forecasted websites will be more about technology than design.
Being an expert web design company, we keep balance between creative web design and modern technology on every web page we design and thus provide the client with professional website that will always keep ahead in competition.

We do repair to any type of equipment,cpus, monitors, ups copiers,faxes,stabilizers,laptops,printers(hp deskjets and laserjets) etc with all the electronics.

In cases where your equipment is down or have an urgent seminar to organize, we have the solution. We rent equipment ranging from pcs, servers, laptops, printers, copiers, accessories.

  1. We will perform our work in a way that ensures our dedication to exceeding clients’ and shareholders’ expectations.
  2. We will approach our work in a manner that ensures our reputation as honorable and fair, and as a company composed of people who keep their word and fulfill their obligations in a timely fashion. The quality and integrity of our work constitute our cornerstone. Because our efforts will reflect our standards for generations, the quality and integrity of our work must be exceptional.
  3. Our most important resource is our employees, we will proceed to train and cultivate our employees who, by their daily contribution, make wire & wireless solutions Ltd. a successful organization.
  4. We will recognize growth and offer increased responsibility, authority and compensation to individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin or age.
  5. We will always conduct ourselves based on our high standards of Quality, Integrity, Pride, Professionalism and Safety.
  6. We will be governed by long-term goals rather than short-term gains.